PLATO game soundtrack

PLATO is a fast-paced color matching endless runner that is bound to challenge your reflexes and dexterity. The futuristic-themed electrifying visual gaming experience demands your attention, while still emitting a feeling of a tranquil solo immersion.

Composer Jared Underwood, working under his electronic act pseudonym BATTERIE created an immersive electronica soundtrack that features a dynamic, interactive and re-generative audio soundscape that is different each time you play it. BATTERIE has previously composed game music for ; One More Line, One More Dash & OTTTD.

Following in the footsteps of classic arcade games, PLATO is easy to learn but full of subtleties, gameplay that will require you to think fast to survive for as long as possible and get a decent scores on the leaderboards. PLATO is designed test your agility and concentration, working on neurological pathways between sight and movement. With its solitary direct focal point and simple gameplay mechanics it engulfs the player in a relaxing near meditative experience, stimulated by a continuous ‘time-attack’ vibe.

The music was composed by Jared Underwood aka BATTERIE in Sydney Australia using vintage synths, drum machines, vocoders and sound art gadgets. It was mixed and mastered by Jared using boutique outboard processors; Vintech EQ & Overstayer SVC compressor.
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Date: November 04, 2015