Guest Speaker and Gaming Industry talks

As a game music composer over the last 5 years, Jared has composed music for 7 indie games including OTTTD, One More Dash and One More Line , One More Jump, Thumb Drift and PLATO  (with more than 24 million downloads in total). There are 3 new games in the pipeline featuring Jared’s game soundtracks due for release in 2019. Jared has enjoyed a loyal and creative collaborative relationship with a prominent successful Sydney based indie game developer.

Through 2017-2018 Jared has been invited as a guest speaker at variety of music & gaming industry conferences. He has also been invited as a guest lecturer at a few Universities and Colleges.

Some of these events include ;

  • APRA amcos ‘High Score’ at ACMI Melbourne 2017.  Jared presented in partnership with Ash Ringrose from SMG Studio game developer to present their talk ‘The creative collaboration between game developer and game music composer’
  • GCAP 2017 Melbourne. Game Connect Asia Pacific. Jared and Ash presented their talk at this wildly respected gaming industry conference that attracts more than 1000 industry professionals from all around Australia.
  • APRA The Melbourne Sessions. A music industry conference. Jared presented alone a talk titled ; Composing music for video games’
  • The Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Jared presented a talk as a guest lecturer for the music composition uni degree students.
  • SAE College. Jared presented a 2 hr talk on ‘Composing music for gaming and media’ and how to work to a brief.


The topics covered in the talk include

  • interpreting the brief from the game developer
  • writing a title theme
  • in-game music
  • menu loops
  • ‘win’ and ‘fail’ stings
  • user interface sounds.

The presentation includes examples from 5 games that Jared has composed music for. Showing beta footage, early demos and UI sound effects. Jared also dives deep into the production methods, composition and studio techniques software and instruments he uses when writing music for games and collaborating with indie game developers.

Much gratitude to Ash Ringrose who helped put together the initial power point presentation for our talk ‘The creative collabortion bwtween game composer and game developer’ for APRA ‘High Score’

Thanks to Greg Morrow and Narelle Butterworth at APRA for inviting Ash and I to present at the ACMI in Fed Square Melbourne.

Read an online interview with Jared answering questions about his presentation for APRA ‘The Melbourne Sessions 2018’ ;

Thanks to APRA for the photos below of BATTERIE / Ash Ringrose presentation at ‘APRA High Score 2017 Melbourne’


Below is trailer for the latest game featuring Jared’s aka BATTERIE original music now available on Nintendo Switch.


If you are interested in having Jared come to present his 90min power-point talk on composing music for mobile games at your Uni, College or school, please get in touch via the contact page on this website. Thank you.

Date: January 05, 2019