jared wins tropscore

Jared is the Winner of TropScore 2013. TropScore is a competition run by TropFest and APRA where entrants compose music to a 5min film commissioned for the competition.  This year more than 600 composers and musicians entered in the competition. The competition was judged by some well known Australian composers – Francois Tetaz ( Wolf Creek, Gotye ) and Burkhard Dallwitz ( The Truman Show, Underbelly). Jared pe
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taser SHORT FILM IN tropfest 2013

2012 was busy year of screen music composition study at AFTRS for Jared. To end the year off  armed with lots of inspiration and new knowledge from AFTRS  he collaborated again with director Matt Bird on Matt’s short film TASER. The film has made it the final 16, which marks Jared and Matt’s 3rd consecutive year in the TROPFEST final 16. The film stars Firass Dirani. ( Underbelly )    
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