Music composition for TV shows ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ and ‘I Will Survive’

Underscore composed numerous cues for use in Fremantle Media TV reality shows ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ on Channel 9 and ‘I Will Survive’ on Channel 10 The shows are currently on air. Jared really enjoyed having to write quickly and concisely for variety of different briefs that would be set each week.   [portfolio_slideshow autoplay=true]      
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Focaleland- from new album

Here is a studio recorded improvised track called ‘I know the pleasure of fear” by Focaleland. Focaleland is an experimental musical duo comprising Jared Underwood and Flutter Lyon. This track was recorded at Studio 301 in sydney and later mixed by Richie Belkner. I Know The Pleasure Of Fear by FOCALELAND
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