underscore music audio showreel

This is the Underscore Music showreel ( audio only ). It includes 3 examples in contrasting genres. Upbeat/Quirky, Cinematic/Melodic and Dark/Dramatic. These cues were taken from projects that Jared composed music for including -Shorts films and TV series. To view the Underscore Music film showreel ( with excerpts from films ) please click on this link to the Underscore Vimeo page. http://vimeo.com/58092283
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batterie first single release

‘Spring Step’  is the very first single for Jared’s solo Glitch Pop Electronica project BATTERIE. All the elements of the track were written, performed, recorded and produced by Jared at Horus & Deloris studio Sydney. Mixed and mastered by the wonderful Mr Bob Scott.   Spring Step by Batterie by BATTERIE    Purchase a digital download of the single from BandCamp here   http://batt
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Focaleland- from new album

Here is a studio recorded improvised track called ‘I know the pleasure of fear” by Focaleland. Focaleland is an experimental musical duo comprising Jared Underwood and Flutter Lyon. This track was recorded at Studio 301 in sydney and later mixed by Richie Belkner. I Know The Pleasure Of Fear by FOCALELAND
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Fantine produced by Underscore

Here is a track Underscore produced for soul pop singer Fantine. It was recorded produced at Hours and Deloris studio and mixed by Wes Chew at Sonar, then mastered by Nilesh at The Exchange in London.     Eleven by FANTINE
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