Music For Art Bank series

Underscore music composed and produced all the original music for a series of videos for Art Bank. The short promo videos help promote the ArtBank collection and feature 20 prominent Australian personalities talking about their favourite contemporary artworks. The music brief was to compose 4 contrasting and unifying musical themes that would be used for more than 20 video doco’s. The themes were 1 Relaxed. 2 Contemplative. 3 Playful. 4 Dramatic. ArtBank liked the music so much that they have recently licensed it for a whole new 2015 series.

Established in 1980 Art Bank is an Australian Government arts program  that promotes Australian culture by providing contemporary Australian artworks for rental.



Del Kathryn Barton on Richard Larter from Artbank on Vimeo.

Nell Schofield on Lionel Bawden from Artbank on Vimeo.

Fenella Kernebone on Kurt Sorensen from Artbank on Vimeo.


Date: November 05, 2013