Music Producing

COMING SOON otttd game

Jared in his guise as BATTERIE has been busily writing numerous tracks for soon to be released game OTTTD ( Over the top tower destruction )  being produced by some Sydney game developers. The game is for iPhone and ipad and is now available on the itunes app store Check out some of the this music featured in the game here –    
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Music Editing & Production – Jagermeister TVC

Jared did the music editing and additional production for this Jagermeister TVC. The Music is by Australian indie rock singer Abbe May – signed to Source Music. The Editing was done on Protools HD at Horus & Deloris Studio Sydney. http://youtu.be/PntdBhOzLZI
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‘Eleven’ radio single for Fantine

Underscore produced ‘Eleven’ a radio single for neo-soul singer Fantine. Underscore music went to town with the production using over 100 tracks. Layering acoustic instruments with electronic programming and sound design. Producer Jared Underwood recorded Fantine’s vocal parts in multiple layers and also coaxed out some Russian whispering from Fantine who speaks fluent Russian. www.fantine.com.au
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