OTTTD iphone game

OTTTD  = Over The Top Tower Defense
This time working under his band name BATTERIE , Jared wrote the music and victory / fail stings for this iphone, android game developed by SMG studio part of SOAP creative in Ultimo. Released May 2014 on the iTunes app store and sold 40,000 copies in the first week. Jared composed numerous tracks including themes for various in game ‘worlds’  and also themes for ‘Enemy Bosses’ that the player has to defeat. The music could be described as rusty industrial electronica, action movie inspired film score with a mad scientist experimental playfulness to it. The music brief from the game developer was – make the music dramatic, psychotic, over the top, and experimental.

Listen or buy the OTTTD complete soundtrack album HERE –

Watch YouTube celebrity Pew Die Pie praise the music in OTTTD
“The music is awesome, I love it. I f**king love the music man, I keep saying it, but its awesome”
Youtube game play review of OTTTD featuring Jared’s music.  3.5 million views for this video ! !
PewDiePie is a Youtube celebrity blogger with 30 million subscribers.