Clearly Store sound track & multimedia installation.

Clearly Store. Retail store bespoke music soundtrack. Working with agency – The General Store.

News Update- Clearly Store design (including the music soundtrack) wins Best Store Design at the 2014 Sydney Design Awards.

The Brief ;  Underscore Music was asked to create a 25 min track soundtrack for the flagship Clearly store George, St Sydney. Also some of Jared’s Electronica music under the name BATTERIE was licensed for the stores night time state accompanying the rotating glasses display with synchronized lighting show that is the big feature in the store.  Underscore worked closely with The General Store to create bespoke original music that would put customers who visit the store in a relaxed and uplifting mood transforming the store into an oasis away from busy George Street noise. The music had a site specific need to be organic and positive but also unique and not like elevator music. We came up with some music that was  crystalline and sparkly to compliment the reflective mirror surfaces on the glasses display unit that takes center stage in the store.  Some samples of glass instruments and wildlife sounds from Antarctica and the Amazon rainforest were used as well as a beautiful spanish acoustic guitar and some rare indian bells and chimes acquired on our last visit to New York.


Date: November 07, 2014